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Welcome to the

Diamond Blessings




My name is Stella Shakti and I am here for you.

To remind you and us how precious we are!

I am a energy work teacher and sharing all this beautiful flow with people in Estonia since 2007. As thousands of people have got a lot of help out of my sharings, I felt it is now to share it with you, as well - in English as much as I can. I know I have really funny accent, so thank you for your patience in understanding :)


My heart has guided me all over the world to study with amazing teachers full of light. This includes Reiki, EMF Balancing Work, Tantra, Advaita, Taoism, Shamanism, Mindfulness etc

Most of all - I found it very fascinating how all the teachers were actually talking about same aspects, just using different words and points of view. Immediately I felt I want to share this Wholeness, this understanding of Oneness, this ancient Wisdom in the new Light. 


As an artist, I find it very interesting to see all the life as an Artwork. And I am very blessed and thankful if I may reflect you your own inner infinite beauty.


Like diamonds we are - many facets polished in so many years, maybe even lifetimes. Now it is time for us to step up and show our true colors!

I am here to help you, to nourish you, to remind you what you actually know - you are divine!


On this little page you find a special guided meditation for this week.

I hope you enjoy it!


On Youtube you may also find different videos with meditations, channelings, supporting videos etc. I am very happy if you like it - subscribe and like helps me to reach more and more people.


Before the session I ask you to drink plenty of water and make yourself as comfortable as posssible. This is a time for your sacred journey!


Also please keep a pen and paper at hand in case you want to write down something after the session

You may listen to the recording here.


During the session, you may fall to sleep or listen this as many times as you wish.

This meditation is available for downloading

till the 1st of May.






Thank you for all the donaters!

I am just starting this in English so any help is very welcomed!


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My e-mail adress is

and I am travelling around the world

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